Gifts for the Baby, Big Brother, & Big Sister

The past few weeks we have been frantically getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl.  You could say I am in full blown baby panic mode!

To help the kids prepare for our new bundle of joy, we took them to Build-A-Bear Workshop to make a stuffed animal to give their baby sister.

They picked out this pink bear, which they later named Molly!  They each made a wish for the baby & put in a heart after filling her with stuffing.

Then, they fluffed & brushed her to make her look her best for when she meets her new owner.

Now, Molly is patiently waiting for her new owner, in her new home!

We also got the big brother & big sister some gifts, which we will give them at the hospital when they come to visit.

Zeke will get book & a game with a note from baby sister that says how much she can't wait for him to read & play with her.

Elie will get a Princess Belle cup & a Tangled CD with a note from baby sister that says how much she can't wait to dress up like princesses & dance with Elie.

Hopefully, these gifts will make the older kids feel special, despite some of the changes that they will have to deal with once we bring the baby home! 

Did you give gifts to your older kids after having a baby?  


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