Ribbon Pillow

Recently, I made a couple of new pillows for the nursery rocking chair.

{Pillows for Nursery}

The pink pillow is just a simple square made from pink bubble fleece from Hobby Lobby.

The white rectangular pillow was also very simple to make.  Here are some quick instructions to make one for yourself:

1. Fold your fabric over & cut it to the size you want the pillow to be (allowing for the hem).  I like to fold it over & then measure & cut so I have at least one side I don't have to sew!

2. Find the center of your pillow, where you want the ribbon, & pin a piece of ribbon on each side of the front (right sides) of your pillow.

3. Fold your pillow over, right sides together & sew up the sides, making sure not to sew any of the excess ribbon & leaving an opening to add the stuffing.

4. Stuff your pillow, pin it closed, & sew the opening back together.  You may also want to singe the ends of the ribbon with a flame (I use a candle.) or add some Fray Check to the ends.

5. Tie the ribbon & find the perfect spot for your new pillow!

My mom found this rocking chair at the Restore for $5 before my son was born.  She recovered it in this green & white striped fabric.  She also made the toile pillow with some extra fabric from the bedding.  My mother-in-law made the beautiful blanket hanging over the chair.

Now this spot is the perfect place for a photo opp...


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