Cavalcade of Homes

Last weekend, my husband & I went to the Cavalcade of Homes in our area.  This year, there were 24 houses on the tour in different suburbs around the big city.  After looking at the program online, we decided to look at eight of those houses.  We had a great time looking at the houses & dreaming up some projects for our own house.  I thought today I would show you some of the best rooms on the tour.

The first home is the Langdon M model, built by Drees Homes.

I personally prefer white kitchens, but thought I would include this washed out picture of dark cabinets, for those of you that like the wood tones!

 I thought this girls room was cute, with the black chair rail about two-thirds up the wall & the flowers that mimic the ones from the curtains & bedding.  I really like the stripes below the chair rail too.

Here is the bar in the basement.  I like the wainscoting around the bar opening in this area.

I thought this was a pretty nice theater room.  Maybe someday...

This was the basement bathroom.  I decided to include it for the unique wall paper & shower curtain.

The next house was built by The B.O.L.D. company.  It is a custom built home for a family that is moving in this week.  I didn't take any pictures inside, since it wasn't furnished, but I snapped a few of the exterior.

I usually don't like pole lamps (despite the fact that we have one!) but I really do love the way these line the driveway.

I thought the exterior was really pretty.  I love the use of the stone & bricks.

I thought the master bedroom in this house (The Gilley by Homewood Builders) was pretty.  I really like the pillows on the bed.  Wonder where they came from?

Well, that concludes the tour for today.  I'll share pictures from some of the other houses in the next week or two, & I promise, they get better!

Does your city hold a Cavalcade of Homes?  If so, I definitely recommend checking it out.  Most of the time, these are free & are a way for builders to get there work shown to the public.  The local home builders association also hosts Home A Rama & a Tour of Remodeled Homes which are always fun too!


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