SO FA-ortunate!

I feel so fortunate to finally have a new sofa for the living room!  I wasn't sure if it would be in the budget to purchase a new one, but a few weeks ago Mark gave me the go-ahead.  Ever since my Craigslist Fail, I have been pinning sofa styles I like in hopes of actually getting it right this time.  I found one with clean lines, nail head trim, & an affordable price tag & drooled over it until a few weeks ago.

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

The day I went to check it out at Pier 1, the price was marked wrong, so I actually got it for $100 less than the original price!  Score!

Here is my Carmen Sofa in Ecru....

According to the sales lady, these sofas are manufactured by Lazy Boy & have an excellent warranty.  They come Scotch Guarded, but she recommended re-treating it.  I am concerned about it getting dirty (especially since there are no flippable back cushions!), but my kids rarely go in the living room, so I think she will be okay.  (Fingers crossed!)

Here is the original sofa in the living room:

Nothing was wrong with it, it just didn't seem to fit the room or the look I was going for.  We are saving it for when the basement is finished.

After moving that one to the basement, I purchased the notorious Craigslist Fail Love Seat to replace it.

So, do you think I'm crazy for buying a white sofa???


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