Corralling Cords

I finally decided to tackle the mess in the computer cabinet. Honestly, it wasn't that messy, but the cords were so out of control the power strip didn't have a place to rest & the phone was covered with routers...

I did a quick clean up of the top shelf & then pulled out all the components on the bottom shelf.  I sorted all the cords & replaced them in a more organized manner.  Then I used a combination of cable ties and rubber bands to connect the cords & shorten them so they weren't taking up precious shelf space.

Below is what the shelves look like when my hour long cord de-tangling was over:

Sadly, it doesn't look much better than when I began!  It does work much better though.  You can see the phone, the power strip has it's own spot, & the routers are now sitting properly.  So, although the cords almost look worse, the cabinet is actually functioning better this way!

...and speaking of cable ties...ever since I did this, I have been noticing different ways people are using them.  My neighbor used them to attach corn stalks to lamp posts & her mailbox.  The couple hosting our small group used one to temporarily raise their dining room chandelier (they moved the table) so no one would hit their noggin walking under it.  I noticed someone else used them to hang their Christmas garland.  Until recently, I didn't realize how versatile these things were! 

So, do you know any creative uses for zip ties?  I'd love to hear some other uses!


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