Hip, Hip, Hooray! Halloween was Yesterday!

I am so glad to have Halloween over with!  I once again spent a gazillion hours making costumes for the kids.  They were a ton of work, but a huge hit while trick or treating! 

Let’s start with the one costume I didn’t make!  A couple of months ago, I saw this hat on Pinterest & asked my mother-in-law if she could make something like it for me.  Here is the result…


an adorable little cabbage patch doll!

Next, our son decided to be a Port-a-Potty!  Here is the result of a lot of painting, cutting, & gluing cardboard:



Unfortunately, these pictures turned out pretty horrible, but they are the only ones I have.  It kind of makes me sad that I probably spent more than 15 hours making this costume & it was pretty much ruined by the end of the night, due to the winds & rain.

Finally, Elie wanted to be a claw machine:


It’ hard to tell in this picture, but we poked battery operated Christmas lights through the cardboard, so it actually lights up!

Well, that concludes the Halloween costume bonanza that we have had going on over here since Sunday.  (Yep, I’m kind of last minute on these things which adds to the stress & last minute malfunctions.)  Next year, I think we’ll come up with some homemade costumes that don’t require cardboard, duct tape suspenders, & that are nearly impossible to walk around in!  I’d better start looking now!

So, what did your kids dress as?


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