Small Changes, Big Impact

I mentioned in my summer plans that I wanted to make some changes to the laundry room.  A few weekends ago we made some minor adjustments in the room, that are really helping the flow.

First, I decided to paint the dingy white door to the garage black.  I’m so glad it’s a dark color & will hide the dirty handprints & drips that are usually covering it!  (I painted the other side black too.)  I’m begging you not to pay any attention to the ginormous dust bunnies hanging from my broom!

Black Door

Next, we tried to solve this problem:

Awkward Doorways

The shoes were on the back of the laundry room door, so whenever we would come in from the garage, someone was usually putting their shoes away & causing a traffic jam.  We decided to remove the door to the laundry room & will eventually add built-in shoe storage on the wall next to the sink.

Door Removal

I still need to paint the frame, but it makes the space feel so much bigger & solves the traffic jam problem.

Most of our out-of-season shoes are stored on the floor of the coat closet (in the entry way) along with the steam cleaner, steam mop, & vacuum.  The space above the laundry room door seemed to be a great place for seasonal shoes:


Mark quickly built a shelf, which will someday become floated, get painted, & hold our shoes!  I’m not really feeling the whole painting bare wood vibe right now, so it will probably stay this way until we can paint the whole room.

Storage Above Door

Well, that’s it!  Have you made any small changes that made a big impact?


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