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Lately, I have been seeing a lot of sculptural busts on some of my favorite blogs.  I'm not sure if they are really a trend, or if I'm just noticing them for the first time.  I'm pretty sure they've been making appearances in shelter magazines for years.  Anyway, here are a few I've spied around the internet lately... (As always, please pin from the original sources.  Thanks!)

After looking at the three images I pinned, I realized these female busts really like wearing jewelry!  I'm pretty sure if I ever get one, she'll manipulate me into buying her some fancy jewelry too!  Anyway, doesn't Nicole's look fabulous with a simple string of pearls?

Edie's Terra cot-ta bust looks lovely with her layered jewelry.

Finally, Emily's "rock girl" is living it up in some fancy turquiouse beads:

I am seriously loving these ladies!  If you are loving them too, you can find them in two different sizes at Cost Plus World Market.

The smaller bust is $19.99 & 11" tall.  The larger lady (no offense) is $39.99 and 17" tall.

All I know, is that one of these girls really needs to move in with me!  I'm so glad to have found them.  Otherwise, this guy might have been coming for a visit!

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest


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