Trending: Mirror Balls

It's time for another Tuesday edition of Trending!  Today's trend is all about disco mirror balls!  When Nester first got hers, she mentioned she was de-seriousfy-ing her home!  They definitely do add some fun to any space!  Let's take a look at some lovely photos, shall we?  (As always, please click the link to pin from the original source.)

Here are a few images from Nesting Place.  Doesn't the mirror ball below look great styled on her coffee table?

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Here, she has it styled on her bed side table.  I love the way the light reflects all over the walls!  (And isn't her bedroom gorgeous?)

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Kristin used a mirror ball as a fun way to style her daughter's bedroom, below.

While I don't have a large mirror ball of my own, I was pretty obsessed with them over Christmas!  I really wanted some larger Christmas mirror ball ornaments from Hobby Lobby, but by the time I got to them the only ones left were damaged.  Anyway, I settled for regular sized balls & placed them around the house for some Christmas whimsy!

Now I'm thinking I might have to buy one of these larger disco balls!  You can get a 12 inch mirror ball for $19 here or an 8" one for about $16 here.  Of course, if that's still more than you want to spend, you could always DIY one with a Styrofoam ball & old Cd's.

The thing I love most about using these for styling is that they provide both a touch of fun & a touch of glam!

So, what about you?  Are you loving this trend, or do you want to send it back to the '70's?   


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