Medicine Cabinet, Art Supplies, & Game Storage

These three cabinets around our refrigerator are miscellaneous cabinets of sorts.  They hold medicines, the kids’ craft supplies, & games.


We store the medicines and first aid supplies above the refrigerator.  Since this area is hard to reach for even me, I figured storing medicines here would keep them safely out of reach for the kids.  Here are a couple of before shots:

IMG_7005     IMG_7006

I began by emptying out the entire contents of the cabinet.  I threw away any empty or expired medicines.  Then I sorted everything & placed it back in the cabinet.


The left side is designated for first aid supplies.  The top left shelf holds hot & cold supplies (heating pads, ice back bags, sun burn relief, etc.).  The bottom left holds first-aid items (band-aids, Advil, first-aid kit, & peroxide & alcohol).


The right side mainly holds medicines, grouped by category (intestinal, itch relief, sinus & cold medications, & medical dispensers. 


To the left of the medicine cabinet is the kids’ art cabinet.  This is one of the hardest cabinets for me to keep organized.  We have so many craft supplies that it’s hard for them to stay organized once they’re used.  I’m hoping this new system will help!

Before you ran the risk of causing an art avalanche whenever you opened the cabinet door!

IMG_7131     IMG_7132

Due to some complications, I wasn't able to group the items the way I wanted to, but this way works well also.


The top shelves hold lesser used items, such as paint supplies, science kits, play-doh, stamps, & cut & paste items.


The second shelf on the left holds simple art kits, glue, scissors, glitter, & blank paper.  I turned some plastic stacking shelves upside down to store the paper below.  That way the kids can get to the paper & we can still use the vertical space above it!


Below that are coloring books, markers, colored pencils, & crayons.  Again, I used an upside down plastic stacking shelf to hold printed coloring papers below the coloring books.  Before, these were in a large envelope below the coloring books & I don’t think the kids even knew they were there!


The bottom shelf on the right holds a plastic container filled with stickers, which is sitting on top of a few sticker books.  More stacking shelves are used above that to hold stencils, Color Wonder products, & etching kits.  Before these were just stacked on one another & it was impossible to get something out without having something else fall out of the cabinet!

We use the base cabinet for the kids’ puzzles & games.  I reorganized this a few months ago, so it was still in great shape! 





The drawer above the games holds pens, paper, scissors, tape, & chargers & ear buds.  It was still in pretty good shape after an organizing rush in January!




Do you have cabinets in your kitchen that are used for non-kitchen related items?  Do tell!


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