Study Updates

We have been whittling away on the study for a few weeks now.  Here are some pictures of the progress:

Ikea finally had Fiddle Leaf Figs when I went there a few weeks ago!  I grabbed one in hopes it can add some greenery in the study!


I bought this chair from Wayfair & I love it!


It looks great sitting by the X desk we built!  (More on that on Friday!)


I bought this love seat for the living room after this fiasco, but once we got the new couch it moved to the study, along the wall of bookshelves.  Since we took the L desk apart, I plan on centering the bookshelves, & this love seat will work much better in this spot!


We took the bookcases out of the room to paint white.  I think we’re going on two weeks now, & I still haven’t started painting them.  I am so not looking forward to that task!


The walls are now painted Quill by Olympic Paints (from Lowes).  We also added trim around the windows, but you can’t tell it from my pictures!

Despite the fact that it is far from finished, I’m already loving it!  It’s hard to believe it looked like this just a few weeks ago!

March 344


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