Teacher Gifts

As the end of the year approaches, I start thinking about gifts for the kids’ teachers at school.  We usually just give everyone (school custodians, secretaries, nurses, unified arts teachers, principals…) $5 gift cards for ice cream along with a little something else for the kids’ classroom teachers, like I showed you last year

Last week we whipped up a little something for Teacher Appreciation Week.  While that has come & gone, I thought I would share the idea since it could also be used as gift for the end of the year.


Basically, it’s a take on the candy letters, but also using school supplies.  I found the idea here but changed some of the wording.  We used post-it notes, peppermint patties, highlighters, permanent markers, erasers, Extra gum, & smarties.  You can find all of the supplies at Dollar Tree, in packs of 4 or more, which makes this a very economical gift!


This one reads:
Dear Mrs. Mathys,
I just wanted to send a quick {note} to say how much you {mint} to me this year!  There are too many things to {highlight} from our year, but they made a {permanent mark} on me that can never be {erased}.  You are an {extra} special teacher and I am a {smartie} because of you!

Do you have any other ideas for teacher gifts?  I’d love to hear them!  Feel free to post links in the comments section!


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