Baking Birthday Gift (for kids)

My daughter was recently invited to a birthday party for a little girl turning six.  I always have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for kids, since it seems most of them have everything they could ever want or need!  While out shopping, I remembered a creative gift my daughter had received for her fifth birthday, & decided to recreate that gift.

I shopped Wal-Mart & Dollar Tree for items to create a baking kit:

Cookie Kit Birthday Gift

From Wal-Mart I grabbed a pink bowl, cupcake dish towel, cookie mix, decorating gel, & a pink spatula.  I got a whisk, digital timer, measuring cups, & pot holders from Dollar Tree.

Bandana Apron

Next, I made a simple apron by sewing brown ribbon across a “baking themed” bandana from Hobby Lobby.

Cookie Kit Birthday Gift

Then, I assembled it in a bowl to create a cookie baking kit!  All together, I probably spent between $10- $15 to create this kit.  Hopefully, the little girl we gave this to will enjoy it as much as my daughter enjoyed hers!

Do you have other creative gift ideas for kids?  I’d love to hear them!


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