Updating a Toilet Handle & Seat

It’s time for week four of the One Room Challenge bathroom makeover.  This week, I gave a couple of upgrades to our toilet area.

I started the first upgrade about a month ago, when I decided to spray paint the toilet seat black, to bring in some of that classic charm I was looking for.  After removing the yellow-tinged seat (Lift the flap where it is attached to the toilet base & unscrew the bolt holding it in place.) I coated it with about a million coats of this spray paint:

Painting a Toilet Seat

IMG_7750DIY Black Toilet Seat

Once it had dried, I gave it a couple of coats of spray sealer.  I decided to try & DIY this project after searching online for black toilet seats & seeing that they cost about $100.  After spending $17 on this project & realizing it probably wasn’t going to hold up, I noticed elongated black toilet seats at Home Emporium for about $18.  My DIY one will work for now, but as soon as I get my budgeted money, I will probably be replacing it!

Replacing a Toilet Handle

Next, I decided to replace the generic white handle that came with our toilet.  I found this chrome handle at Wal-Mart for about $4.

Replacing a Toilet Handle

The directions on the back looked pretty easy, but when I looked inside our tank, I noticed our handle didn’t have a chain.

IMG_7873     How to replace a toilet handle

I started by unscrewing the nut on the inside of the handle.  Once it was unscrewed, I could pull out the old handle.

how to replace a toilet handle

Next, I inserted the new handle (1), slid the nut on the rod close to the handle & pushed the other end of the rod into the flusher hole (not a technical term… 2), & finally tightened the nut to the handle (3).


New Toilet Handle

Here are some beauty shots of the toilet now…

Updating a Toilet

Upgrading a toilet

For the final part of the update, I needed some art to go above the toilet.  In Microsoft Word, I simply created a border using a text box & then added the following words in a font & colors that I liked.

bathroom art

Then, I went to my print options under “properties” & clicked on “layout”.  I chose to print this as a 2x2 page poster.

DIY Poster Art

Next, I used my paper cutter to cut the white boarder off some of the edges, so I could piece it back together.  I used a glue stick to attach each piece & finally framed it...

Free DIY Poster

and hung it above the toilet.

Bathroom Updates

So, that’s where the bathroom stands today.  I’m currently making a mess painting curtains & things are NOT going well!  I thought I would be long done with this bathroom before the end of the challenge, but now I’m wondering if I’m even going to make it to the finish line in time!

Check back next week to see what comes of these curtains!


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