Hanging Double Shower Curtains & Shower Art

Despite the fact that my kids’ bathroom does not boast beautiful tiled walls, I opted for an opened double shower curtain anyway! 

How to hang a double shower curtain

To pretty up the inside of the shower, I decided to hang this outdoor decoration I found at Hobby Lobby.

Hanging art in the shower

It is pretty light weight, so I just use a suction cup hook & it has held up very well for the past four weeks.

Hanging decor in the shower

I purchased 96” curtains from this e-bay seller (I chose the 50” width & the hidden back tab option).  I used the original shower curtain rod & just moved it as high as it could go, after sliding the curtains on it.

Double shower curtain

I had purchased a 96” clear vinyl shower curtain liner & just hung it on an adjustable dowel curtain rod behind the larger curtain rod.

Liner for a double shower curtain

You can’t really see this rod, unless you are in the shower or standing directly below it, looking up!  I keep the liner pushed to one end, hidden behind one curtain panel.

Lining a double shower curtain

I searched all over for how to achieve this look, so hopefully someone will see this post & it will make their life easier! 


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