Toddler Proof Coffee Table Styling

I love a well-styled coffee table, but toddler safe accessories are hard to find.  In my effort to create a stylish & safe coffee table (keep in mind a glass coffee table is not exactly safe!) I scoured several stores & finally decided to DIY my own accessories.

Toddler- Safe Decor

In order for my accessories to be considered safe, they needed to be light weight (so they won’t break the glass table top when they become projectiles!).  They also needed to be non-breakable themselves--- no glass or ceramic items.  The accessories needed to be large enough that they did not pose a choking hazard.  Finally, they needed to be cute!  If I could come up with items that fit into these four categories, I figured I would be golden!

DIY Accessories

I was on the hunt to make one of these diy gold urchins when I spotted the spiky stem above.  The “spikes” are basically little straws.  After removing the stem…

DIY Faux Urchin

it got a coat of spray primer & two quick coats of gold spray paint.  

DIY Faux Urchin

I really like having a bouquet of colorful flowers on the coffee table too, but finding a vase that was light weight & unbreakable was proving to be difficult.  I found inspiration during a visit to McDonald's & decided to make my own vase out of one of their milk jugs!  (Scroll up to see the before picture!)

I first removed the plastic wrapper & threaded section using some scissors.  Then, I shaved off any rough pieces with a cutting tool.

Recycled Milk Jug

After two quick coats of black spray paint (intended for plastic) and the last of our knockout roses, it was looking like a cute little toddler proof vase!  (While I believe these roses to be non-toxic, a vase of water & prickly roses isn't the best item to have within a toddlers reach!  Therefore, these will most likely get replaced with artificial flowers in the very near future!)

Recycled Milk Jug Vase

I finished off the styling with a few books & a small wooden candle holder I painted gold.

Coffee Table Accessories that are baby proof

It’s good to know this table can still look good with a toddler in the house!  (Please ignore the blue pillows... I was trying out some fabric that obviously isn't going to work!)

Kid Safe Decor


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