Family Room Update

This will most likely be the last family room update until June, as I am preparing myself for warmer weather & focusing on several outdoor projects.  At that point, I hope to finally “officially” start making over this room. 

A few weeks ago, my husband & I took a trip to Bargains & Buyouts Outlet, in Hamilton, Ohio.  I fully intended to walk away with nothing, but this is what ended up happening:


I came home with two of these chairs:


You can find them online for close to $400.  The suggested price was $127, but we made a bargain & got them for $100 each!  There are some very minimal defects in them, but they were definitely worth the money!

I also picked up this 8x10 wool area rug, which retails for over $600.


They were having a special on their rugs.  The larger rugs are normally $125 at Bargains & Buyouts, but they were on sale for $75.  We actually got it for $70!  (Don’t mind the clean laundry taking over the family room!)

Here’s another rug I liked, but didn't have a place for:


Their dining chairs & stools are marked to $50 a pair.  (Yes, I said PAIR!)  I thought these would look great in my morning room, but I’m not quite ready to tackle that room yet!


We had actually driven to Hamilton to pick up this secretary desk that I found on Craigslist.  I love the clean lines & the grids on the cabinet doors!  It will replace the cream colored one sitting in the morning room.


When I saw it, I thought it was an antique, but they actually still make these.  They retail for around $1200 & I got this one (which is in great shape) for $175!  At some point I do plan on staining it a darker color & replacing the drawer handles, but probably not until I’m ready to start over on the morning room.  I technically still have to finish my living room & start on the family room before that happens!

For now I am basking in the glory of some great deals!  These will have to satisfy me for a while, since my wallet is empty!

Have you ever been to Bargains & Buyouts?  Have you found any great deals lately?  Please share!


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