Home Tour: The Study

The tour of our home continues with one of the first rooms you see when you walk in the front door, our study.

Cheerful Home Office

This home office has come a long way since it’s first makeover several years ago.  What was once a dark, outdated room, is now a cheerful spot for us to work & study.

Gray, White, & Blue Home Office

The transformation began by detaching part of our “L” shaped desk & building the “X” base desk in front of the windows.

DIY Modern X-Base Desk

My son mainly uses this spot for his homework, but it’s nice for my husband to have a place at home to work on his laptop if he needs to.

Desktop Styling

The remainder of our once “L” shaped desk was painted white to brighten the space.

Bookcase Desk

Since the room is small & lacks a closet, magazine & file storage was added above the bookshelves.  Some paint & decorative tape dressed up cheap Ikea storage bins.

Stylish Magazine Storage

The shelves are mainly styled with our books.  Despite being mainly filled with paperbacks, I still think the shelves look pretty.

Bookshelf Styling

I achieved this by choosing to leave a few shelves open for styling, & laying some books horizontally to break up the books.

Real Life Styled Bookshelves

I totally forgot that I was using one of the vases (below) in the family room!  I didn't notice it until I went to take the following photo! 

Styling Bookshelves

I am still loving the Ikat bulletin board we made to go behind the computer monitor.  The “drawer” below the monitor is a pull-out tray for the keyboard & mouse.

Ikat Pin Board

When we removed the writing desk, we had to find something to do with the base piece.  I decided to use more Ikea storage boxes to stash my craft supplies.

Craft Storage

The small loveseat fits the space perfectly & provides a comfy spot to relax.

Home Office Sitting Area

In case you didn't see what the space looked like before, here it is:

It’s hard to believe the only new furniture we purchased was the desk chair to achieve the look below:

Turquoise Home Office

For more information on the sources used in this room, please visit the original post here

The tour continues next Tuesday!

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