Buffing the Buffet

This table sat in the entryway of our old house.  When we moved, it was too big for our new entryway, so I decided to move it into the morning room, to serve as a buffet of sorts.

{Sorry for the REALLY bad quality...}

After moving it, I was concerned the pine color would look bad near our kitchen table, so this became my very first strip & stain project.  My original idea was to strip & stain the whole table, but after struggling to get just the flat top stripped, I decided that was a bad idea!  After lots of stripping & sanding, I cleaned off the top & stained it with Early American stain by Minwax to match our kitchen table.  Then, I wiped on polyurethane in a satin finish.

I primed & painted the rest of it in a cream color & then sanded it down to distress it a bit.  Finally, I rubbed some of the stain on the cream paint to make it less bright & to age it a bit.  For the final touch, I added some green knobs, which go well with the green of my new secretary.

Here is a closer picture of the details:

Here is the whole table:

As soon as we order a light & get the fabric for the curtains (It's on back order...ugh!) this room will be finished (for now, at least)!  I'll keep you posted!


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