Refinished Table

I have always loved this table.

It is an antique that had been in my dad's family for a long time.  I'm pretty sure my dad grew up eating at this table, as did I.  I was thrilled when my parents decided to get a new table & gave this one to my husband & I for our first home.  My mom stripped & stained it for us & it looked great.

However, two kids & ten years had it looking worn & feeling sticky (very sticky).  I decided it was time for a little sprucing up.

{See what I mean!}

I only wanted to refinish the table top, as the legs & sides still looked good (& this amateur didn't want to take those on!).  I stripped it twice, cleaned it with mineral spirits & "000" steel wool, & sanded it down, until it was ready for Minwax Early American stain (our favorite stain, & the original stain my mom used on it ten years ago).  It got one coat of stain & three coats of brush on polyurethane in a satin finish.

Here is what it looks like now:

I think it feels much prettier now! 

Now I just need to scrub down the rest of the table & all the chairs to remove the stickiness & milk spots from them!  (Anyone know how to get milk spots off chair legs?  Mine always seem to reappear once they are dry.)

We are still working on our summer projects & currently are working on three projects at once (morning room, front retaining wall & landscaping, & the concrete patio below the deck).  Hopefully, I'll be able to fully cross something off the list soon!



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