Let There Be Light!

For nearly two years, we have been eating in the dark.  When we built our house, we had the builder install a light kit to the morning room (where our kitchen table sits), so that we could add our own fixture.  However, the electrician was out of regular light kits that day, so he added a fan kit.  Unfortunately, that meant we got an extra light switch to control the fan.  It would have been great if I was planning on adding a fan to the room, but I wanted a pretty light above the table, not a fan making my food cold!  At that point, my husband wanted a fan.  He did not want a light switch that was useless.  (I agree that it is kind of annoying!)

Anyway, after much debate, my husband finally gave in & let me make the decision!  Yay!  After much time & deliberation, I finally found the perfect light from Overstock

Here is the morning room picture I showed you from my project list:


And, here it is with lighting...

I think it turned out great, & it will be so nice to be able to see what we are eating!!

The only thing left for this room is the curtains.  The fabric keeps getting back ordered, so who knows when I will get it!  Here's a sample of the fabric I have chosen:

{Tampico Pool by Magnolia Fabrics}

I love this fabric so much!  It will work perfectly in the space.  It ties the colors from the morning room & family room together beautifully.  I'll be crossing my fingers that it gets here soon!


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