2011 Revised Project List

With the end of summer just a month away, I am realizing it will be nearly impossible to complete all the items on our Summer Project List.  So, while I was procrastinating on doing the things that needed to get done, I decided to revise our list of projects instead!

Here's what I came up with:

Summer 2011
1. Finish the morning room by adding curtains & a table centerpiece.  (I sent the fabric home with my mom, so hopefully she will be sending me completed curtains soon!)

2. Clear the brush & dead trees from the kids outdoor play area.  (My husband is currently working on this one!)

3. Extend the driveway & add a basketball goal.  (We hired someone to do this, so hopefully it will be done by next weekend!)

4. Paint the entryway/hallway & accessorize.  (I just bought the paint today!)

5. Paint, add moldings, & accessorize the dining room.  (The only summer project that's not even somewhat started!)

Fall/Winter 2011-2012
1. Paint & redecorate the master bedroom.

2. Paint & decorate the master bathroom.

3. Decorate living room.

4. Paint & decorate the guest bedroom.

While I might not accomplish all of my goals before summer's end, I am glad that we finished most of our projects on the list.  Our finished projects include painting & organizing the garage, building a retaining wall & adding landscaping, staining our massive deck, building a patio & shed below the deck, creating an outdoor play area for the kids, & removing some shutters from the front of the house (I'm still debating putting them back up though!).  You can see pictures of these projects by clicking the link at the beginning of this post.

I hope you'll stick around to see these completed projects!  I'm excited & motivated to get them finished!


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