For Real Friday: The State of my Mums

From now on (until I change my mind anyway!) I am going to be sharing the ugly truth on Fridays! 

Earlier this month...or was it last month...I planted beautiful yellow mums in the urns on our front porch.  Here's a reminder of what they looked like:


This is what has become of these colorful flowers:


I have a problem with consistency when it comes to a lot of things...watering plants is just one of them!  Since the leaves were still green, I decided to "deadhead" all the buds & hope that some new ones might form before the end of the season.  If not, it still looks better without all the brown, dead, flowers!

{Looking a little more green!}

My plan is to start watering these again.  We'll see how long the leaves stay green!  Wish me luck!


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