Canela Tree

I have been wanting an indoor tree for a while, after seeing a gorgeous entryway in a copy of Renovation Style magazine, which had live topiary trees flanking the front door.  After searching at several different shops, I found this one at Lowe's a couple of months ago.

{Canela Tree}

It is called a Canela tree & supposedly it is resilient.  The tag even says, "Grows virtually anywhere with little care".  If that is true, then it's the perfect plant for me!

Obviously, I was in need of a container for my new tree.  I was shocked at how much a nice pot cost.  I found a silver one I really liked at Ikea, but didn't want to shell out $40 for it.  I decided to check out Garden Ridge & found the pot below for around $8.

{Plastic Pot}

I was really hoping Rub & Buff would turn this black pot into a "metallic" one for much less money than the ones I had seen.  I rubbed on the product, waited for it to dry, & then tried to buff it off.  Nothing came off on my rag.  I was really hoping that buffing it would smooth out all the swirls I made while I was rubbing it on.  Since that didn't work, I decided I would just apply another coat, but do it around the pot instead of just swirling it everywhere.  I guess because the surface is so shiny, it just rubbed the original coat off.  Anyway, if you attempt a project like this, in which the surface is shiny, you may want to prime it before coating it with Rub & Buff. 

And here's the final product (swirls & all):


My husband, who always tells me to "never paint anything silver" actually likes it!  He thinks the swirls are what makes it look like it's real metal!  I'm actually really digging it now!  Yahoo!

Am I the only person out there who can't figure out how to use Rub & Buff?  (Although, like I said, I do really like the way this pot turned out, I just think I must have done something wrong!)

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