Furniture Finds

I absolutely love to look around my local Craigslist page to see if I can find great deals.  This weekend I found some inexpensive furniture to fill up space in my living room.

I have been loving the Parker Settee from Ballard Designs, but with a price tag starting at $949, it wasn't quite in the budget.

Parker Settee
{Parker Settee from Ballard Designs}

Home Decorators Collection has a similar version, but it's still more than I wanted to pay at $569.

Then, as I was perusing Craigslist, I stumbled upon this Broyhill loveseat.  Forty minutes and $40 later, I brought it home!

{My Craigslist Version}

This one will need a little work before it truely resembles the one from Ballard.  I plan on re-upholstering it (or paying someone to re-upholster it) in a linen colored fabric & changing the color & possibly the style of the feet.  (They're a little too chunky for me!)

I have also been loving the look of the upholstered chairs that are trimmed with wood.  (Does that description even make sense?)  Here are some pictures of chairs I love:

The Bedford Chair from Ballard Designs is nice, but I don't favor it's starting price of $699.

Bedford Chair
{Bedford Chair from Ballard Designs}

I really like the Lorraine Chair from Restoration Hardware, which is currently on special starting at $675 (still not cheap enough for me!).

{Lorraine Chair from Restoration Hardware}

I was able to find a pair of antique chairs similar to the ones above for just $50 each on Craigslist!  

{My Craigslist Version}

These chairs are also going to need to get re-upholstered.  I'll probably just do them in the same fabric as the settee above...something neutral to match anything, since I am so indecisive lately!  I'm also going to re-stain the wood, as it's a little sad looking right now!

I think I finally have all the furniture componets for my living room!  Now I just need to fix it all up!  Wish me luck, as I've never re-upholstered anything in my life!

Have you found any great deals on Craigslist lately?


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