Command Central!

I have been seeing command centers all over blogland lately.  I was finally inspired to create one myself!  Here is the picture from Pottery Barn that I drew my inspiration from:

For my center, I started out with two document frames, an 11x14 frame, & a long rectangular frame.  These all came from Wal-Mart & were $5 or less.  I also purchased a bulletin board from Ikea.

{Frames "Before"}

First, I printed out some chore charts for each of my kids & added them to the document frames.  With the glass in front of them, we will be able to check off the chores they accomplish with a dry erase marker.  I'm crossing my fingers that my kids will start doing their chores now!  (Wishful thinking, I'm sure!)

{Dry Erase Chore Charts}

Next, I cut a piece of cardboard, covered it with some burlap, hot glued some twine to the back & stuck it in the 11x14 frame.  Then, I put my calendar over the twine.  This sits right by the garage door, so I will be able to see our plans for the day as I leave the house in the morning.

{Framed Calendar}

I painted the long rectangular frame black to match the others.  Then I typed the words "This Week" on some cardstock, glued on ribbon (as dividers for the days of the week), and popped it back in the frame.  This will help me organize what needs to get done each day of the week, & will be easier to glance at on a daily basis than the calendar.

{Weekly Planner Dry Erase Board}

The final item for my command center was the bulletin board, totally knocked off from Pottery Barn.  The Pottery Barn version cost $45 and mine probably only cost around $10.  First, I painted the frame black to match the rest of my frames.  Then, I simply cut black ribbon & hot glued it on horizontally.  (I made sure to singe the edges of the ribbon with a candle to ensure that they won't fray.)  Then, I did the same vertically, but I weaved them through the horizontal ribbons.

{Ribbon Bulletin Board}
Here's my not-so-great-picture of them all together:

{The Happy Family}

Well, that's it!  Hopefully, this will help us be a little more organized!  Who knows, maybe I'll start returning library books on time now!  (Fingers crossed!)

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