Easy Chalkboard Labels

In the unlikely occurrence that someone other than myself would do our laundry, I decided it would be a good idea to label my container of Homemade Laundry Detergent.  (You know, I wouldn't want them to fill the soap dispenser with fabric softener, which is in a liquid laundry detergent bottle!)

I realized I had a roll of white contact paper, & decided to use it to make a chalkboard label for my detergent.

First, I gathered my supplies:

{Chalk Paint, Contact Paper, Paint Brush, Scissors, & Chalk}

No, that's not a "Hidden Picture" game.  I just forgot to add the scissors & chalk to the picture!  Then, I painted two coats of chalk paint on the contact paper.

Next, I cut the contact paper to my desired size & shape (an easy rectangle!) & rubbed the chalk over the paint.  (I'm pretty sure you're supposed to wait 24 hours before doing this, but I didn't!)

Finally, I erased the chalk, labeled my label (I'm sure there's a better way of saying that...), removed the backing, & added it to my bucket-o-detergent!

Here's the finished product:

{Chalkboard Label}

Pretty quick & easy (& FREE!), although not as quick as the duct tape & sharpies I used to label the fabric softener!


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