Re-Upholstered Entry Bench

I bought this bench off Craigslist a couple of months ago:


I bought it to sit in the entry way, with plans to recover it in a prettier fabric.  After unsuccessfully searching the local fabric shops, I decided to use some leftover fabric from the morning room curtains.  (Yeh, that reveal is hopefully coming soon...) 

The process was pretty simple.  I just unscrewed the four screws holding the seat on and removed about 500 staples & at least five different layers of fabric!  Then, I layed my fabric on top of the seat, exactly where I wanted it, & flipped it over to expose the bottom.  Finally, I stapled the fabric onto the back & screwed the seat back into the base.  It probably took me a total of thirty minutes.  It would have been much quicker, if there not been so much fabric to remove!

Here's the after:



So far, I have re-upholstered two other seat cushions, but this one turned out the best!

You won't want to miss tomorrow's post about the current state of another recent Craigslist purchase!  Hope you come back for it!

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