Closet Catastrophe

My kids' closets have been driving me crazy lately!  With our busy schedules & home improvement projects, there hasn't been a whole lot of cleaning & organizing that have been happening in our house.

Here is what Eliana's closet looked like:



In my opinion, neither one of these pictures really do the closet justice.  We added a few shelves on the left side of her closet when we first moved in to add some extra storage.  The baskets weren't really doing a good job containing all of her dress up clothes.  I ended up storing all the clothes on the top shelf (out of season) in an empty storage container under her bed.  Then, I bought some laundry baskets to hold her dirty clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, & some of her dress up clothes.

{Shelves After}

I also had Mark hang a couple of hooks to hold her backpacks & purses.


On the right side of Elie's closet, I added a tension rod & hung her tutus and princess dresses on it.  It works out really well, because she is able to see all of her dresses now!


I think this little bit of organizing makes this closet function much better!  It's been nearly a week, & I'm glad to say that it has stayed organized!  I was a little worried that the tension rod would fall down, but so far, it has stayed up!  (Knock on wood...)

Have you organized anything lately?


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