Gifts for my Sweethearts!

Usually our Valentine's Days are spent celebrating the whole family.  We have fun with meal times by eating a lot of foods that are red or pink & shaped like hearts (pancakes, jello jigglers, sugar cookies, strawberry milk, etc.).  We also eat dinner by candle light & use fancy plates & glasses.  Afterwards, the kids go on some sort of a hunt for Valentine goodies.
This year, I cut out hearts with different words on them.  While the kids are preoccupied, I will hide them around the house.  After dinner, they will have to find all the hearts & de-code the message to find the where-abouts of their Valentine's gifts. 

Here are the gifts they are getting for Valentine's Day this year:

I got all of Zeke's gifts at Dollar Tree... a word search, calculator, yo yo, sweethearts candy, Frog Lays Eggs experiment, & a Growing Pet Flamingo.  (I'm not exactly sure what those last two items are, but I guess we'll find out!)

I got Elie a sun catcher (from Hobby Lobby), bubble bath (from Dollar Tree), sweetheart candy, nail polish, lip gloss, & girlie nails (from Family Dollar).  The Girlie Nails are fake fingernails for little girls.  I thought they were cute for playing dress up & maybe encouraging Elie to stop sucking her thumb!

I put their gifts in these heart-shaped baskets I got from Dollar Tree a few years ago.

So, how do you spend your Valentine's Day? 


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