Our Valentines

Each year, since the kids have been in school, we have made Valentine's cards for their classmates.  I was planning on showing ones from years past, but apparently, I never took pictures of them!  Oops!

Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to pin a bunch of ideas for Valentine's Day, & here are the cards the kids chose to make for their classes:

Zeke chose to make these Valentine's, which say "Have a TOAD-ally awesome Valentine's Day!".  I made them on the computer, cut them out, & had him sign them & glue on frogs from Dollar Tree.  I saw the idea from Crap I've Made & she actually even has a link to print them, but I wasn't sure if it would print okay on the red paper I had already bought, so I made my own.

Elie chose to use glow bracelets & make these Valentine's that say, "You make my heart glow!".  I found the idea at The Teacher Wife & she also has a cute printable for these!  (I really wish I would have noticed that before I bought the red paper!)  Hers are much cuter than mine!  Anyway, I just made them on the computer, printed them, cut them out, & had Elie sign her name & tape some glow stick bracelets on the back. 

We always give the teachers & bus drivers candy bars wrapped in festive paper.  It's nicer than giving them a kid card, but not as extravagant or expensive as a gift.  (Right now, I am trying NOT to eat the extra candy bar that's sitting on the counter!)

So, what are your kids handing out for Valentine's Day?  Do you buy cards or make them with the kids?  I'd love to hear some more ideas!


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