Filling Up More Wall Space

Here's a small "gallery" I created to fill up some wall space in the nursery.

{Nursery Prints}

The framed picture on the left is intended to be signed on the mat.  We had all the family write messages on the photo mats for our other two children, but I forgot to have anyone sign it when they were visiting Evalyse.  I'm not sure if I'll have family write on it or if I will fill it up with my own letter to Evy!

I saw an Etsy print of James 1:17 on Pinterest (which was much cuter than this one) & made my own very simple version of it, which I framed & added to the wall.

My mom bought the "Baby's First Picture" mat for me when I was expecting my son.  The colors go really well with the nursery.  I think she found it a Christian bookstore, but I'm not sure.

Here's a bigger picture of the wall:

{Nursery Art}

So, what's filling your nursery walls?


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