Rub & Buff Curtain Rod

My mom made some pink satin curtains for the nursery shortly after Evalyse was born.  I had already purchased a black curtain rod from Ikea with some glass finials (I couldn't find the finials online).  When we finally hung them, I decided I didn't like the black rod in the room.


After a quick coat of Silver Leaf Rub n' Buff, here is what they now look like:


These curtains were made with tabs in the back, which sometimes cause the curtains to slide & lose the "bunched" look that I like.  I decided to fix the problem by tying the tabs together, so they will stay scrunched together.  

It's not noticeable at all unless you are standing between the curtains & the wall (which would probably only happen during a mean game of hide & seek).  Oh, & you caught me red handed...I didn't bother adding Rub n' Buff to the brackets.  They also aren't noticeable from the front.

The room is finally coming together!



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