Listing Lists

I really enjoy making lists.  Sometimes I think I make lists just to keep from doing the things that are actually on the list!  If a list starts to look messy, I will re-write it on the back of a fresh scrap of paper.  (We are all about reusing here...I would use the marker board if it wasn't filled with a different list!)  For digital proof, just click on the label "Project Lists" & you'll see what I mean.  So, a few days ago I got excited when I could cross something off my Summer Plans.  Then, just today, I realized that I could also cross something off our 2012 Home Goals!  Feel free to click the links to see the progress we've made so far this year.

Anyway, all this crossing off made me realize something.  I have only crossed off three of the eleven items on my goals for the year & we are already half way through the year!  How'd that happen?  (I guess I have been kinda busy with this cute thing!)

The good news is that we have nearly completed the fire pit.  The bad news is that it wasn't on our original list!  Since a post without pictures is no fun, here's a little sneak of our first fire...

{My pictures do not do this space justice!}

So, how are your goals coming along?


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