Stylish Storage

On Friday I shared the reveal of our half-bathroom makeover.  Today I am going to show you where all of our bathroom essentials are stored!

{Floating Shelves}

We stored extra toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, & feminine products in the basket on the top shelf.  The basket came from Garden Ridge a couple of years ago.

{Yes, I did just post that on the Internet for all to see!}

I hid the kids toothbrushes & toothpaste inside the shell bowl.  I found this shell for $9.99 at Garden Ridge.

{Shell Storage}

The blue basket on the bottom shelf was my grandmother's sewing basket.  I am using it to store extra toilet paper, flushable wipes, a hairbrush, detangler, & eyeglass cleaner.

{Hidden Storage}

I am so glad to finally have storage in this bathroom!  Having these essentials in one place will definitely save us some time in the morning.  

So, how do you conceal your bathroom necessities?

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