School's Out For the Summer!

Although my kids have had wonderful teachers this year, I am so excited to get to spend more time with them during the summer!  Here are some things we did to end the school year & start our summer off in a fun way...

Elie had her last day of Pre-K on Thursday.  She wanted her picture taken with this tree at their last day picnic!  In the car, on the way home, I heard sniffles coming from the back.  I turned around to see her tearfully staring at her class picture!  So sweet...

I found this idea somewhere online & loved it.  I put together little sand buckets of fun things for the summer.  I included bubbles, pool toys, water guns, glow sticks, toy boats (to race in the creek behind our house), a hummingbird feeder, & some other random trinkets.  Elie got her bucket on Thursday, but I saved Zeke's for Wednesday, which was his last day of school.

 I tried to talk Zeke into eating lunch in the cafeteria, but he doesn't like chicken nuggets, so I packed his lunch one more time for his second grade year.

I always like to give the teachers something homemade, so this year I had Mark cut a ruler & I glued it on a picture frame.  I had ideas of gluing a small chalk board on it & writing "Ms. Lewis Rules" in white, but that idea didn't work out, so I just used PicMonkey to add it to the photo.

We also gave the teachers, nurse, secretaries, principals, & custodians $5 gift cards to DQ.

We started a tradition last year to arm ourselves with water toys & the hose, hide on the side of the house, & attack Zeke as he got home from the bus on the last day.  After getting him good with a water gun & the hose, I decided to hand him my gun.  MISTAKE! 

Fortunately, Mark still had the hose, so he got Zeke to quickly stop chasing me with the gun!  Looks like he got Elie pretty good too!

Next year I'm thinking we might use silly string.  We'll definitely keep the tradition, but we'll have to change things up to keep it somewhat of a surprise!  He said he was going to hide a water gun to have to get us back, but I guess he forgot to do that!

Checking out his summer loot...

I have a ton of things I want to do with the kids this summer.  Here's our list:

Inside Fun...
 Sand Art- 
       Wacky Sacks
       Sewing Project
       Bake (Popsicles, ice cream, frozen pudding pops)
       Glow Stick Baths
       Salad Spinner Art
       Make Puppets & Put on a Puppet Show
       Colored Ice Cube Bath
       Make hovercrafts 
       Make movie or music video
       Marshmallow Popper

    Outside Fun...    
       Plant Seeds
       Make Bird Feeders
       Flashlight Tag
       Flashlight Limbo
       Catch Lightning Bugs
       Glow stick Hide & Seek
       Giant Bubbles
       Learn to Hula Hoop
       Learn to Jump Rope
       Boat Races at the Creek
       Wash Cars
       Water Play
       Scavenger Hunt
       Build fort in woods
       Use Your Noodle
       Water Balloon Toss using beach towels
Away from Home
       Cave Tour
       Visit Grandparents
       Baseball Game
       Museum Center
       Nature Center
       Wet Playground
       Letter Boxing
       Bike Trail
       Library Story Times & Reading Program
       Drive In Movie
       Amusement Park
       Outdoor Concert
       Home Depot/Lowes Kids Clinic
       Frisbee Golf
       Vacation Bible School
       Indoor Playground
       Go Karts
       Local Lake Beach
       Pick blueberries

Do you have any fun planned this summer?  Any end of school traditions?  

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