2012 Summer Plans

I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, because technically I'm still working on my list from last summer!  Anyway, the hubs & I are going to attempt to get some of the following accomplished this summer...

1. Spruce up the front landscaping with annuals & new mulch.  See it here.

(This is a picture from last year!)

2. Create a new flower bed by the driveway extension.  See it here.

3. Finish the nursery by hanging art & making a beanbag/poof.  See the reveal here.

4. Clean & accessorize the back patio.

{This is how it was last looking...it's gotten worse!}

5. Build a fire pit area in the backyard.  See it here.

{The grass-less area will have a creek stone patio for the fire pit.}

6. Finish the dining room by fixing the china cabinet and accessorizing with art & curtains.

{I plan on moving the buffet out & replacing it with the china cabinet, since it isn't as deep.}

7. Decorate the living room- I need to add curtains, art, accessories, oh, and furniture!  I vote this one most likely NOT to happen!  (But a girl can dream, right?)

8. Make over half bathroom with paint, shelves, & accessories.  Click here to see the results!

9. I would love to add cabinetry to the laundry room, but since I doubt that will happen this summer (since it requires moving water & duct work so we can stack the washer & dryer) I will make do with just painting the doors & adding a shelf to house out of season shoes & accessories.

10. Tweak some things in the family room.  (Rearrange furniture, accessorize mantel, build a storage ottoman & table for behind the love seat.)

Although this list seems daunting, I'm excited, because two of these items can already be crossed off.  (Yep, I put things I've already done on lists, just so I can cross them off!)  One of these (the nursery) is VERY close to completion, which is good, since it should have been finished in February!  The fire pit area is in progress, but I fear it will take a while, since it means leveling the ground & building a retaining wall.  And...I'm planning on starting on the patio this weekend, which means the first five things on this list should be finished in just a couple of weeks!  (But don't get too excited, because it's not the first time I've thought things would get done in a short amount of time!)

So, how about you?  Are you planning any home projects for the summer?




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