Framing a Window

In our attempts to make our home a little more custom, we have slowly begun the process of framing our windows.  (So far we have four done!  Wahoo!)  Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of adding trim to create a window frame.
The builders added a window sill and a small piece of trim below the window. In our situation, the window sill juts out about an inch into the dry wall.
First, my husband used a crow bar to remove the trim below the window sill.
Next, Mark measured the small piece of window sill that juts into the dry wall & drew the measurements on the back of a piece of trim.  He used a jig saw to cut the horizontal lines & a utility knife to cut the vertical line.
This is what the piece looked like after knocking out the small rectangle.
Next, Mark checked to make sure the molding fit over the window sill & then marked & cut where the 45 degree angle would go, using a miter saw.  For the mitered angles, measure the inside of the window & that is where you begin your cut.  He then marked the top 45 degree angle on this piece & cut it & then slid it into place.
After several finishing nails, he was ready to move on to the next piece.  After measuring twice & cutting once, he cut the 45 degree angles for the bottom, top, & side pieces & nailed them into place.
Finally, Mark caulked the mitered angles & nail holes.  When using caulk, make sure to have a wet cloth handy to immediately wipe off the excess.  You can also fill these gaps & holes with wood filler, but my husband prefers the clean, smooth look of caulk.
And here is the big picture:
You’ll probably notice that we chose not to add trim between the two windows.  We did this because the space was too big for just one piece of trim & too small for two pieces.
So, are your windows trimmed out?


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