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A couple of weeks ago I did some shopping & thought I would share a few brief pictures of my adventures.

The first stop was to Ikea.  We went to purchase some curtains & curtain rods, but you can never go to Ikea   without looking at all the great room displays.  Unfortunately, the childcare was full, so the kids were actually shopping with us this time.  It was hard to take pictures while they were singing, screaming, & running from room to room!

I really liked the Byholma/Marieberg chair.  A pair of these would be great at each end of a dining room table.

I also liked this dining room set up.  I'll call it industrial elegance!

Yep, sadly, those are the only two little pictures I got from Ikea!

I have never bought any furniture from Ikea, but I really do like their textiles & accessories.  It is a fun place to window shop too.  Here are a few more reasons I like to shop at Ikea...

  • FREE Childcare while you shop!
  • Complimentary Diapers (size 4)
  • Great family bathrooms, with a comfortable chair for nursing
  • Activity centers throughout the store to entertain children while you shop
  • Ikea Family Cards 
To get an Ikea Family Card, you fill out a form at the kiosk (located between the childcare & bathrooms at our local store) & your card slides out.  Once mine printed I had a coupon for a free frozen yogurt!  (We used it right away, since our kiddos were sad the childcare was full!)  The card also entitles you to free coffee & tea from the restaurant & each time you swipe your card in store you are entered into a $100 gift card sweepstakes!  The card also gives you special discounts on certain items.  (Nope, I am not being paid to say any of this, I just like how pleasurable Ikea makes their shopping experience!)

My next stop was to Pier One.  I have thirty dollars in rewards after purchasing our sofa & I was hoping to use them on this trip, but time & luck were not on my side!  Here are some things that grabbed my attention...

I thought this basket would be great for storing small toys or bathroom accessories.

I loved the blue glass in this floor lamp, but it was slightly above my $30ish budget!

I really like this woven footstool.  Wonder if I could DIY one out of old t-shirts?

See anything you like?  Do you have any ideas on what I should use my rewards on?


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