A Place for Everything

Last week I blogged about how we transformed our linen closet into toy storage.  In doing so, I stashed more stuff under the bathroom sink, which in turn created another organizing challenge!

I first started on the medicine cabinet.  Here is the before:

I moved the nail polish to the master bathroom.  (Out of sight, out of mind, right?)  Then, I placed the q-tips & floss sticks (What are those really called?) into some clear plastic containers.  I glued a suction cup to the back of a smaller timer & placed it on the back of the door.  (We sometimes use it to monitor how long they shower or brush their teeth.)  I found some suction cup toothbrush holders (in the travel toiletry section of Wal-Mart) & also stuck them on the back of the mirror.

Here it is after everything was wiped down & rearranged:


Next, I moved onto the cabinets.  Here are some before shots:



I decided that since all three kids were going to be sharing one bathroom, it would make better sense to give each of them their own cabinet space.  It’s not as much of an issue now as it will be when they are older, but I wanted to go ahead & establish their individual bathroom spaces.

To maximize the space in the cabinets, I added some hooks inside each cabinet & hung a plastic basket inside.  For now, these are just holding random items, but in the future I see them holding deodorant, perfume, or makeup.

I also had my husband build some cabinet door storage to hold mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, shaving cream, bubble bath, and any other products they may use when they are older.
Here are the cabinets after adding some storage:


This is the cabinet closest to the toilet.  It holds extra toilet paper & toiletries, as well as guest towels.


Next to the supply cabinet is Zeke’s cabinet.  For now it contains his bath toys, mouth wash, & toy shaving accessories! 

I decided to designate the other set of side-by-side cabinets for the girls. 


The baby’s cabinet holds her bath toys & special bath time products.


Elie’s cabinet contains her bath toys, hair accessories, bubble bath, & play makeup.

Well,  that’s it for now.  Are your under sink cabinets crammed full of stuff or nice & organized?  Do you have any clever storage solutions for containing the bathroom clutter?


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