Garage Organization

Today, I decided to re-visit the garage organization, since it is the most-viewed project on the blog.

After moving in, clutter had taken over our garage and since this was a new build, there was no shelving or storage to contain the chaos.  We worked wall to wall, painting & organizing our way around this room until there was storage for everything. 

On the left wall, we hung the ladder using some “L” shaped hooks and used long nails to hold up the camping chairs. 


We also made use of the vertical space in a small corner by building shoe shelves for our boots & play shoes.  My husband cut some shelves from plywood, rounding off the exposed corner & nailed them into wood braces he nailed into the wall.  Here’s a closer look at the shelves.


The front wall got a simple shelf made from brackets & a 2x10.  It holds random things, bug spray, saw horses, & extension cords (in the bucket).  My husband also hung the canoe & kayak, using heavy duty roping, carribeaners, & hooks.  This took some trial & error, but now he can unroll the extra rope & lower the boats down when we need to use them.  To put them back up, he slips the ropes around each end of the boats &  tightly winds the extra rope around the hooks, raising them up again.

Garage Storage

We purchased some storage cabinets & peg board to store my husband’s tools.  They set in a recessed area of the garage.  The ceiling is quite high (at least 10 feet) so he built a small loft above his workshop area.  He added a ladder to the loft by simply nailing 2x4s into the studs.

garage loft

We used the right wall to store sporting equipment & toys.  We hung the bikes with more inexpensive “L” shaped hooks screwed into the studs.

Bike Storage

We took advantage of the unfinished walls to store equipment between the studs.


We added slats to the fronts of studs to store boat oars, baseball bats, & water guns.  We added shelves & slats to hold baseballs, ball gloves, & Frisbees.  We also added plain shelves to hold bubbles & sidewalk chalk.

For the ball storage, we nailed some wood into the studs & then added a piece of wood across them (near the floor & about four feet above).  Then we drilled holes into the wood & added three foot bungee cords.  The balls stay in nicely & it doesn’t take up much space, since it is built into the studs.

ball storage

Here is the finished project:

Garage Organization

Do you have any clever garage organizing tips?  Ever used the space between studs for storage?

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