Toy Troubles

About a year ago, I blogged about how we keep the toys out of sight in our family room.  That system has been working well, but with Evalyse on the verge of crawling, it’s only a matter of time before the Barbie shoes and Legos become choking hazards for her.

I knew the toys needed to move, but I didn’t know where to put them.  Unlike some of our neighbors, we don’t have a loft or an extra bedroom to stash the toys.  Our basement is unfinished & the kids rarely go down there to play.  I also didn’t want to put the toys in the kids’ bedrooms, since it would be another reason to keep them up at night & they are occasionally sent to their rooms as punishment.   

Then, one day I had an “Aha” moment!  The upstairs linen closet would be the perfect place to stash their toys!  It sits right between their bedrooms.


I felt pretty confident that I could find a new home for all it’s contents…


until I started taking everything out!


I moved the extra sheets into bedroom closets.  I got rid of the old towels & stored the guest towels under the bathroom sinks.  Shoe polish and travel toiletries moved to the master bathroom.  The first aid supplies got moved downstairs with the rest of the medicines. 

Finally, the closet looked like this:


I measured the depth, height, & width of the shelves & purchased containers that would fit the needs for the various toys I would be storing.  Then, I brought up all the toys from the family room & began transferring them to the new containers.


Then, I made simple labels on the computer with pictures of what each bin contained, placed them on the bins, & organized them in the closet.



The good news was that I still had room on the top shelf to store the beach towels & cleaning supplies.  I added a hook on the door to hold the beach bag.


I am loving this toy solution!  Not only are the toys far away from where Evalyse plays, but it has also helped keep the main floor much cleaner, since the kids now play upstairs!  Once we finish the basement, we will probably reclaim this space as a linen closet, but for now, all is well!

Have you re-purposed any closets in your home lately?

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