Winter Wonderland: Kids’ Christmas Decor

The same night I was inspired to decorate my son’s room, I looked through the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Christmas Catalog & was inspired to decorate my daughter’s room for Christmas.

I noticed several of the rooms had stars on the walls & thought I could do something similar in Eliana’s room.  For my own spin, I decided to use sticky tack to adhere snowflake ornaments (after cutting off the hanger) to her walls. 


The catalog also had a lot of chalk-like drawings on the walls.  To bring this inspiration to life, I had Elie draw a wintery picture on her chalkboard!


Elie noticed some “snowballs” in one of the rooms & wanted to incorporate those in her winter decorations as well.  To create the “snowball” look, I just wadded up some tissue paper into ball shapes & placed them under her Christmas tree!  (I used tape to insure they stay wadded into balls!)


If you look closely in most of the pictures, you will see the snowflakes on the wall.  I just randomly placed about 24 of them on her walls.

Elie helped me create this festive artwork.  To make it, I traced a Christmas tree shape on to colored card stock, filled it in with glue, & let Elie cover it in white glitter.  If you attempt this project, make sure to erase the hard pencil lines.  I didn’t do that, & they show through…


I also dressed up her floating shelf with a glittery deer, silver snowflake ornament, & a cluster of silver ball ornaments.


To dress up a plain pillow for the holidays, I wrapped ribbon around it like a Christmas package.


I added a few ornaments to Elie’s jewelry holder…


Elie’s favorite accessory by far is the reindeer headband I stuck on her toy horse!  She was so excited when she noticed it that she had to drag it down the steps to show the rest of the family!


So, have you been inspired by any catalogs lately?  Now that I have the kids rooms decorated, I guess I should start thinking about the rest of the house!

winter wonderland


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