Organizing Plates & Drinking Glasses

I hope you're not getting tired of these kitchen organization posts, because I’m milking this project for all it’s worth!  So, today I’m going to show you where I've stashed all the dishes!  Previously, The glasses & plates each took up two cabinets & the baby’s cups were in another one.  You can see for yourself in these lovely “before” photos:


Last week, I mentioned that I moved all the water bottles & on the go type cups to our new “To Go” cabinet.  I also threw out some of our souvenir cups, since I don’t think you’re really supposed to reuse them!  This reduced the number of cups & glasses I needed to store.  Then, after moving a stool away from the cup cabinet, I realized I needed to make the kids’ dishes low enough that they could reach them without having to use a stool, because that ultimately meant that I would be putting the stool away!  After relocating the dish towels & lunch bags, I decided to use the two deep drawers between the stove & dishwasher to store the kids’ dishes.


The bottom drawer holds all of our plastic cups & straws.


The drawer above that holds plastic plates, bowls, & the baby’s sippy cups. 

I’m pretty sure Eliana is glad to be able to access the drink ware easier, as evidenced by the cup of frozen toys I found in the freezer!  (Oh wait, maybe this was a bad idea!)

Since I had greatly reduced the number of cups & dishes I now needed to store, I decided to combine both the glasses & dishes into one set of cabinets.


The top shelf holds dessert cups & formal tea cups.


Below that are our iced tea glasses.


The bottom two shelves hold all of our everyday dishes.  Glasses on the left & plates & bowls on the right.


On the right, above our everyday plates & bowls are lesser used plates.  The top shelf holds part of the 5 china place settings we got for our wedding!  (There will be no formal dinners happening at this house other than the five of us I guess!)


The disposable dishes, napkins, & utensils are on the bottom shelf of the corner cabinet (where the baby’s random cups used to be).


The rest of the cabinet holds what I call entertainment & serving dishes!  (Again, it’s kind of obvious we’re not formal people, huh?)


And there you have it! 

So, do you consider a Dollar Tree popcorn tub a serving dish?  Just me?  Figured.


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