Storing Kitchen Storage

Before reorganizing the kitchen, we had two different areas of kitchen storage.  The first housed our plastic containers:


and later became our “To Go” cabinet:


Since it’s not good to heat plastic & it can possibly leak chemicals into our food, I am trying to use mainly glass storage containers for leftovers & other food.  When I transformed the above cabinet, I had a few larger plastic & metal storage containers I wanted to save & needed to find a place to store.

We kept our Pyrex in a separate area, near the stove, although I rarely ever used it for cooking.


I consolidated these areas in the middle of the island to serve all our storage needs.  First of all, I used the large drawer above the cabinets to store plastic wraps, bags, & clips:


Then, below, I added a spot for storage containers:


The top pull-out shelf on the left stores small, medium, & large Pyrex dishes & their lids.


Below that, are some other glass bowls with lids & lesser used cookie tins in the back.


The pullout shelf to the right holds some prep bowls, such as strainers & usually a salad spinner (which was in use when this picture was taken!).  This cabinet is conveniently right next to the prep area.


Below that are some of the larger plastic storage containers that I didn’t throw out.


For convenience sake, I did save these, but I threw out any that were cracked, damaged, older (my mom had given me some from probably 30 years ago!), or that had the #7 on them.


So, are you storing your food in plastic, glass, or both?


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