There’s a Dirty Dog in the Bathroom!

I have some more bathroom progress to report for week three of the One Room Challenge.  This week, I tackled some inexpensive wall art & a place for the kids to hang their towels. 

The main source of inspiration for this bathroom was the book Harry the Dirty Dog.  If you have never read the story, it is about a dog who likes everything except taking a bath.  One day when Harry was supposed to get a bath, he buried the scrub brush & ran away.  While he was away, he got so dirty that he changed from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots.  When he finally returned home, his family didn't recognize him.  After desperately trying to get their attention, he dug up the scrub brush & ran up to the house.  The children ended up giving him a bath & then realized the dog was really Harry!  Since it is a story about getting dirty & taking baths, I thought it would be fun to frame pictures from the story. 

To create the art, I just scanned a few pages from the book & printed them out.  Then I grabbed some cheap frames & mats & hung them up!

Book Art

I tried to use pictures that helped convey the story.  Below, Harry steals the scrub brush & buries it in the back yard.

Harry the Dirty Dog

The next two pictures show Harry trying to make his family realize, he is their dog & finally, the kids are giving him a bath.

Framing Pages of a Book

We also needed a place for the kids to hang their towels.  I used a piece of molding we already had.  Then, Mark cut it to size, added hooks & hung it up after I gave it a coat of white paint.

Towel Hooks

Of course I had to hang a scrub brush on the extra hook, to pay homage to the scrub brush Harry hid at the beginning of the book!

Harry the Dirty Dog Bathroom

So, have you ever read Harry the Dirty Dog?

Bathroom inspired by Harry the Dirty Dog


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