Around the House

Last week I went to Ikea in search of some items for the kids’ bathroom makeover.  While I was there, I grabbed a couple of throws for the living room & study.

Eivor Throw

I bought the Eivor throw for the living room.  (Hopefully, I’ll recover these chairs once the bathroom is finished.)

Ransby Throw

I went with the Ransby for the study.

A while ago, I gave a quick update to this small entry bench.

Entry Bench

I painted the legs black & added some Greek Key fabric to the top.

Greek Key Bench

It definitely fits my style better than the version before!

This black & white trellis pillow has been sitting in the dining room since I bought it over the summer.  It was originally meant to go outside, but I decided I liked it better here.

Black & White Trellis Pillow

After switching the laundry to the dryer, this little cutie tried to go for a spin while I gathered the next load!  (Looks like those socks could use a good washing!)


Obviously, I have my hands full!


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