Plans for the Family Room

On Monday, I mentioned that I am itching to make some changes to the family room, now that we have our new sofas.  Before the sofas, I had been planning some changes, which were mentioned in my goals for the year, but it turns out that once the sofas arrived, my wants got a little bit bigger!

Danbury Sofa

I had been growing tired of the blue walls & was thinking of painting them a more gray-ish blue, but once the sofas arrived I didn't really like how the gold chairs & curtains looked.

New Sofas

The room is plenty big enough for two full-sized sofas, but I felt all the large furniture in the room was making it feel a little heavy.  I’m mainly talking about the TV cabinet, since it is huge!

I feel that if we mounted the TV above the fireplace & added shallow built-ins around it, it would give us the storage we need, without taking up as much visual space.  This could also fix the “what sized coffee table are we going to get with the “L” shaped couch situation?”.  A rectangular coffee table worked fine for the sofa & love seat combination, but I don’t feel it would work for this one.  If we moved the TV, we could situate the couches across from one another, like this.

So, here is my plan for the moment:

OB-Family Room

I’d like to paint the walls Dusty Trail (by Olympic Paints), add some new curtains & pillows, & a round side table between two of these chairs from Overstock.  I’ll replace the toy cubby with some closed storage (maybe a DIY version of the mirrored cabinet above) & hang a gallery wall where the entertainment center used to be.  I also hope to make a DIY ottoman coffee table in the aqua fabric sample.  Of course, this will all only work if I can get my husband to create bookcases flanking the mantel.  I’m thinking something like this (without the closed in TV box).

I am so happy to have new sofas!  I have been day dreaming about creating a new décor plan for this room since we got them, but I realize that these ideas likely won’t come to life for a while (if ever) since we have plenty of other things to spend our money on right now!  Boo!  It is so fun to dream, but I have to remember to keep reality in perspective while doing it!

Family Room

What about you?  Has a new furniture purchase inspired you to make even more changes to a space?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!  My husband is pretty sure I have a problem!

Feel free to check out all my inspiration on my Family Room Pinterest Board!


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