Styling a Round Side Table

This month, I am turning my attention to finishing up the few remaining projects in the three year living room makeover!  First up is a project I actually finished in November, but never got around to posting with the craziness of the holidays.  The current accessories that were on my round side table were just not working for me. 

I still can’t pinpoint exactly what I didn't like about it, but it just seemed too dark & the lamp was a little funky (in a bad way!).  After a trip to Target & Dollar Tree, I feel the table is looking much prettier.

Threshold Lamp

I picked up the lamp & lamp shade at Target.

Cheap Accessories

The gold picture frames came from Dollar Tree.  The flamingo printable can be found here

Styling a Round Side Table

I found the little swan at St. Vincent De Paul a while ago.  It used to sit on our glass coffee table, but Evie started banging it on the glass, so I decided to move it!


I think the look is much better now!  Next up, recovering the chairs…  (Also, how is it possible that my photography has gotten WORSE??)

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TDC Before and After


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