Family Room Progress

So, not much has happened in the family room since I blogged about the plans for it here

It looks like we will be keeping the set up as-is, but changing out the entertainment center for something smaller.  While looking at the February issue of Better Homes & Gardens, I really liked how Evette Rios set up the TV area in her parents living room.  The TV was mounted above a small wooden cabinet & flanked by two gorgeous étagères.  The only digital picture I could find was on her website.  You can see it here.  I think a similar look could be achieved by placing the TV on a wooden cabinet or dresser & flanking it with two Ikea Vittsjo shelving units painted gold.  Did you know the larger Vittsjo units are on sale for $59 right now?  Looks like I need to be making a trip to Ikea pretty soon!

I finally found a round table on Craigslist (similar to the one above) & have it situated between the two sofas.



It desperately needs to be accessorized, but I’ll probably wait until I do more work on the room (which may be a while, since I still need to finish a few details in the living room before I start the family room).


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